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When Can I Get an Inventory on My Property?




When Can I Get an Inventory on My Property?

July 26, 2013 Bloggies by danny

This is a question often asked by many people who have shown interest in getting these services availed to them. With many uncertainties facing your property such as theft, natural calamities such as floods and fire, you need to have you the items safeguarded by insuring them and above all being able to prove ownership of the valuables. Anybody may require inventory services at one point in their lives, actually immediately they start owning their personal property. You may not sit back and watch your valuable items destroyed by disasters and say you can’t do anything about it. What you need is ensuring that even after such calamities, you are still able to get compensated equitably by insurance companies.


An inventory of property is a list of all the items available in your property. This record is very important for a number of reasons other than just confirming to you what you own. Below are some of the reasons why you need to have an inventory of all your items.


  • To ensure maximum protection of your valuables

Insuring your property alone may not be enough to safeguard your property against various disasters. As much as insurance companies promise compensation of property according to the agreed terms and conditions, sometimes your memory may not well remember all the items you need to compensate resulting in a loss or even the insurance company become reluctant to pay for all the items. Think of what you would do in case a disaster broke out and you lost all your property, how would you replace them? Keeping a proper home property inventory list, you create sufficient documentation to provide to your homeowner’s insurance company for compensation.


  • To help during relocation to new homes

This is a tough task for many moving companies more especially when they are needed to move many items from one place to another. With the help of an inventory, the companies are able to determine the size of movers to be used during relocation and thus determine the cost. On the same note, the inventory will enable the relocation companies to determine the right packing methods to be used. In case of delicate items, special packaging may be required to ensure maximum protection of the items before they arrive at the intended destination. It is important to note that you need to keep an up to date inventory of all times to ensure it is current with only the necessary items in your property.


  • Helps to seal the agreement between the tenant and the landlord

Landlords, tenants and other property owners and are always keen on recording the inventory of their belongings to determine the net value in a specific place. For instance the landlord will require keeping a proper inventory before a tenant occupies the premises to indicate all the items available in the property together with their current condition so that it is used to compare the state of the property once the tenant decides to vacate the premises. This will ensure that the tenant uses all the items available in the right way leaving them in the same condition as they found them. In case of any excess wear and tear, the tenant will be asked to do the necessary repair before moving out. As a tenant you also need to keep a proper inventory so of the items that you find in your new premises so that you can easily do the comparison at the date of vacating ensuring the landlord doesn’t ask you for ghost items that were never available in the first place.


What to include in your property inventory

From the definition of a home property inventory, it is true that everything you possess has some function thus necessary. In your home inventory list, you therefore need to write down all the items and belongings in your possession including furniture, furnishings, clothing and electronics among others. Also remember to take photos of the items listed to show proof of really owning those items. Today, videotaping is used to record all the items in your premises. In order to remain on the safer side while making claims for compensation on your lost products, prepare an inventory on your property in time and let it remain with your inventory service clerk in a reputable company. This is because inventory lists prepared by the owner are not used as evidence in a court of law in case of any dispute. This is why a third and independent party is involved to ensure transparency and unbiased presentation.


So when should one get the inventory on their property?

The answer is right now! If you own any property or intend to use somebody else’s you definitely need to prepare a record of all the items under your watch and care. This is because you never know when disaster will strike forcing you to replace the items. You can be assured of peace of mind once you prepare an up to date inventory record of your personal valuables since you can make a claim for compensation from your homeowner’s insurance company. Let nobody lie to you that insuring your property is enough for a full compensation. Usually the insurance companies ask for proof of ownership of the items you ask to be compensated and the only item to show that the proof is the property inventory.


How to list the entire home inventory

A home inventory should list down all the items and properties available in each room and corner of the house. Make sure to record even the items under your bed and tables. After recording all the items, write other details about the items like the make and finally state their condition. Their purchase price and present value should also be noted to help in streamlining the entire inventory. Finally take photos of each item as proof of ownership or videotape them for future reference in case of any dispute. Do not forget to get photos or videotapes of all items in drawers and other hidden places.


When everything is done, you only need to ensure that your home property inventory is safe and secure. Storing it in a place away from home is ideal for instance in a bank safe deposit box. You have seen the importance of having a home property inventory; get it now!

Property Inventories




Property Inventories

June 25, 2013 Bloggies by danny

Either the lettings market in Hertfordshire has increased over the last 5 years or the demand for property inventories in Hertfordshire has jumped up.

We have been rapidly expanding throughout the whole of the Hertfordshire region and have welcomed 5 new Herts. Based letting agents over the last 6 months.

Hertfordshire is a lovely place to live and or work and has great shopping and leisure facilities throughout.

Owning a property here could thus be very ideal for anybody whether for home or business use. Considering an increased demand for houses in Hertfordshire, the need for property inventories is also on the rise. That is why we are here to help you prepare the most comprehensive inventory report for you to ensure you have a good working relationship with your business partner i.e. tenant and landlord. Our inventory clerks will thus help you compile and maintain records of quantity, size, quality, value and condition of all kinds of items you own. An accurate amount of material you have can thus be easily established with the help of our high quality property inventories.

A tenancy is bound with many disputes at the end of the agreement when the tenant intends to vacate the property which is why inventory reports are needed to set things straight when such a time comes. With many property inventory companies opening up, it is advisable that you do a thorough search of the best service provider by bearing in mind the following considerations;

·      Check out the qualification of the company

Years of knowledge and qualifications are crucial to consider before selecting an inventory company. There are several inventory companies these days out there posing as the best service providers but in real sense know little about preparing high quality inventory reports. A good company should therefore be able to provide detailed information regarding the condition of all the items in the property before you occupy it. Hiring experienced professionals to handle the services is extremely important to avoid errors later when you want to dissolve the agreement with the landlord. Licensed and certified inventory companies are thus more preferable in this case together with a proven history of satisfied clients.

·      Check out client reviews

This is also important to consider when looking out for the right inventory company to seek inventory services from. Previous clients usually give unbiased reviews about the services of a company. This will thus give you a genuine perspective about a specific company before considering it for hire in preparing inventory reports for you. You can also seek referrals from family and friends who have hired specific companies in the past. Ask as much as you can about the company so that you get to know more about the company before hiring it. Negative feedbacks from past clients are possible but always try to find a company with less of these. A company that has more of positive feedbacks is usually considered satisfying.

·      Consider a company that provides accuracy at each level

You need accurate and consistent inventory services at every level of your business. When you own many items in your home or business, each item should be thoroughly checked for any defects and corrected. The process is tedious and daunting depending with the size of your business and the amount of items available. In such a case, you need professionals who will take attention to detail to ensure everything is put on record. If you are in need of honest inventory reports, you need professionally experienced and knowledgeable service providers who understand all things in and out concerning preparation of inventory reports.

Inventory companies are crucial in ensuring all your property is properly recorded.  Such companies have experienced inventory clerks who provide expert inventory services that meet your property needs, manage all items brought in and those discarded property and provide accurately written and photographed inventories for stocks and items in your property.

·      Value of an Inventory Report

If you are a tenant who has been involved in a tenancy dispute with your landlord before, you understand the value of an inventory report. Getting inventory reports from us ensures that all your items such as fittings, office fixtures, and shop, warehouse and home properties are recorded in details with descriptions of their current conditions to avoid such disputes at the end of tenancy.

We are an independent third party to offer independent inventory services that are not biased towards one party. Both tenants and landlords need these services so as to secure their property and avoid disputes at the end of tenancy.  In case of any dispute, this document will serve as a reliable evidence of the condition of the property before and after vacating the premises.

·      Cost

Here at My Property Inventory, we offer the best rates for property inventories. This however varies with the size of your home and items in it, location and country. We prepare very detailed reports to serve as the best evidence to be presented in a tribunal in case of any dispute for resolution and above all prepare independent and un-biased reporting.

It is because of this reason that many landlords, tenants and caretakers come for our services in large numbers. The next time you will be thinking of seeking inventory services, simply come to us and we will proudly offer you high quality professional services that will ensure a smooth transition right from acquiring the property to the end of the lease. In case your insurance company has refused to pay you when your property succumbed to certain uncertainties, it is probably because your inventory report was not prepared well enough. We are here to help you win your compensation claim from your insurer. To ensure maximum safety for all your property, our inventory services will help you a great deal across Hertfordshire and the wider UK. We lead the market as the rest of our competitors keep the track. Nothing is left uncovered ad accounted for in your property once you hire our highly competent inventory clerks who deliver these services on a daily basis.

Welsh adults wishing to buy homes




Welsh adults wishing to buy homes

May 28, 2013 Bloggies by danny

It has been reported that more people in Wales aim to be homeowners over the next decade than in Great Britain overall, according to figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders as well as YouGov.

Approximately 84% of people in Wales want to be home-owners compared along side 79% in the whole of Great Britain. In the near future, 47% of adults surveyed in Wales said they would like to buy a home in the next 24 to 36 months.

First-time buyer applications for loans, in the first three months of this year, went up by 5% on the same period last year and by 6% in terms of the property values. First-time buyers accounted for 44% of all house purchase loans in Wales, up from 41% in the last 3 months of last year.

In London 75% of adults living in the capital at the moment would like to get a mortgage within the next 10 years. First-time buyers around London continue to make up a huge amount of house purchase loans - over the first three months of this year 54% of loans were to first-time buyers compared with 44% throughout the UK

In the first three months of 2013, approximately 4,500 loans were made to first-time buyers in Scotland., a 10% increase on that same period through 2012.





House Sales Boosted




House Sales Boosted

May 15, 2013 Bloggies by danny

UK property sales boosted by sharp rise in mortgage availability

UK property sales jumped in April as a sharp rise in mortgage availability boosted transactions, according to Sequence.

The firm’s latest housing market index shows that transactions increased by 4 per cent from March, leaving sales 12 per cent higher than April 2012. London led the growth in sales, with transactions up by 15 per cent year-on-year. The rising sales helped push prices in the capital up 4 per cent across the 12 months to an average of £362,934 - ahead of the UK’s average exchange price, which remained flat at £186,378.

The increase in activity was a direct result of mortgage availability, explains Sequence, with mortgage applications up by 28 per cent annually, evidencing the effect of the Funding for Lending scheme.

David Plumtree, Chief Executive at Sequence, owners of 300 branches including Barnard Marcus, William H Brown and Fox & Sons and other leading brands, comments:

“Transactions are significantly higher than last year as the number of mortgage applications has shot up by almost a quarter and prices are holding firm. This suggests that buyer confidence across the UK property market is rising with buyer registrations and instructions increasing by a monthly average of 11% and 10% respectively since January. There is a real feeling of having turned a corner in the market in the first quarter of 2013 with a momentum not seen for years.  We are predicting a positive year for home owners and buyers alike.”

“London continues to lead the way with the number of sales 15% higher than the same period last year and prices 4% higher. Desire to live in London and limited supply is keeping these prices buoyant, with an average of nearly 12 new buyers to every new instruction.”


Article original posted by Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Ivan Radford @themovechannel

Property holiday exchanges




Property holiday exchanges

April 18, 2013 Bloggies by danny

A couple from Shropshire, and own a second home in Fitzrovia, London did not wish to sell or rent out the London flat to strangers, it was often empty aside for a couple weeks in the year.

"It seemed a waste of money to leave it just sitting there," says the couple. So two years ago they decided to try house-swapping with the help on an online luxury home exchange club by the name of Love Home Swap. They were pleasantly surprised. Since then, they've done over ten exchanges, swapping their 17th-century manor house with super villas and apartments in Paris, Rome, Greece and even Morocco.

"One villa in the south of France had five bedrooms so we took all the family," says the couple, who have four children, ranging between two and nineteen years old. "There was a tennis court, maid and chef. We had an amazing time. Staying in someone else's home is a far nicer experience than hiring a villa, which tends to be a little sterile. We'd never contemplate renting again."

This couple are not the only converts to house-swapping. Home owners across the world can use their home as a passport to join this online club and exchange their properties. This is a new and exciting way to enjoy holidays, makes a great change to sitting in hotels. No money changes hands. There is a subscription to the website.

Have you a property sitting empty at the moment……