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Home Sales drop by almost 20% on Land Registry




Home Sales drop by almost 20% on Land Registry

July 30, 2012 Bloggies by danny

The number of homes sold in the UK dropped by nearly 20% according to the most recent Land Registry data, although average asking prices in England and Wales were marginally up by 0.1%.

This makes the average purchase price in June 2012 £161,777, a very slight increase on July 2012 and 0.9% higher then in June 2011.

The data from April shows us that there has been a fall of 19% in the amount of houses successfully sold.

This data is altered by London house prices, yet again, but a separate report from Hometrack states this UK wide slow down has now hit the London home sellers market.

Hometack have stated this morning that London is the only region in the country to show a house price rise but demand did slip in London by 2.4%.

The director of Hometrack, Richard Donnell, has said that while buyer demand has slumped the levels of supply continue to grow. He Said “The gap between supply and demand is set to widen over the summer months and points to further modest price falls through the summer and autumn.”







Inventory Services




Inventory Services

July 30, 2012 Bloggies by danny

Summer is finally here and our Hertfordshire property inventories have been in high demand. Hertfordshire bookings were up 37% on last year which is a great sign for the rentals marketplace. More and more landlords and tenants in the Hertfordshire area are taking the importance of having an inventory report on their tenancy seriously.

We have been hearing from the Hertfordshire based letting agents that the demand for an inventory report has really begun to get high and most tenancy agreements are signed up with an independent inventory report in place as well.

This is great news for both landlords and tenants. In the past we found that the level of inventories being requested up against the level of tenancies being signed with our Hertfordshire based agents was really low. This resulted in lots of disputes happening at the end of tenancies. Not good for either party of the agents that held the deposits and managed the properties in question. In short, we can say that lots of disputes have been avoided since the introduction of inventory services in the area. Our highly trained and experienced inventory clerks are all over trying to help landlords and tenants who are in need of the inventory services.

We realized that most of the landlords are suffering from high charges charged by letting agents who do property inventories for them. The charges are usually high because most of the letting agents outsource the service to specialist and professional inventory clerks in various companies. We thus came over to help cut down the extra premiums charged by letting agents. With us, you simply get a chance to deal with our services directly thus avoiding the intermediary charges by letting agents.

 Since the time we have started offering our services in Hertfordshire, our popularity has grown amongst many landlords and tenants because of a number of reasons like:

     We offer professional services with high quality sample reports

Unlike many letting agents who do not offer sample reports, we are a step ahead with this. Our website is filled with high quality sample reports posted for all interested clients to see before considering our professional services. The sample reports are simply an indication of how detailed we prepare the services to ensure no dispute arises at the end of the lease or tenancy period. Our detailed and comprehensive inventory reports make them more informative and useful when settling disputes concerning the original and final conditions of the property. The details of the property are also supported with several photos and videos of the rooms and the items in them. The photos and videos are an indication of the items in their original condition before the tenant occupies the property. Words alone cannot be enough to describe the condition of the items without photos to support the description. This is one condition many Hertfordshire landlords and tenants consider before they settle on us to offer them the services.

      We are a registered member of various professional associations

In the UK there are various associations that lay out the standards for inventory companies in the market. We are a member of the Association of Professional Inventory providers and the Association of independent Inventory Clerks as a starting point to ensure that our services are provided according to the set standards. A company that has no membership with such associations is not competent and reliable enough to serve as an inventory service provider. Through these associations, you as a landlord or tenant are assured of a good professional level of service from us.

      We have received several positive client reviews and testimonials

It is usually said that a company that receives more positive reviews from previous clients than negative testimonials is offering high quality services. Past client testimonials usually serve as first hand evidence of clients’ satisfaction with the services they are provided with. With us, most of the clients that have acquired our services leave positive feedbacks thus indicating the level of satisfaction from our clients. You can check out on our website to see our customers’ reviews and testimonials.

      No hidden charges

All our charges and pricing are transparent and upfront with our pricing policy. Like many other inventory service providers, we determine our prices regarding the size of your property and the number of items to be placed on the list. You only need to contact us and give us an account of the number of items in your property so that we set a fixed price that you are comfortable with. Provided that you give an accurate account of your property, our charges are fixed and invariable no matter what.

Over the period we have served Hertfordshire area and the surrounding environs, we have effectively helped many landlords and tenants to resolve arising disputes amicably saving either side the hassle and stress of having to go to court without any material evidence supporting the claims from either side. Insurance companies have also been taken to task to compensate in full their clients making claims of property destroyed by natural calamities or theft. It came to our knowledge that many insurance clients have been left to foot the bills by themselves when their insurers should do it. Our inventory reports are prepared comprehensible in a way the insurance companies cannot avoid compensating their clients when needed.

We offer both check in, periodic and check out inventory services so that the condition of the property is checked and maintained while the tenant is holding the property.  At checkout, the report prepared is compared with the check in so that any damages can be compensated effectively. The evaluation also puts into consideration normal wear and tear of property such that the tenant is not charged any amount in the event of vacating the premises. Should a consensus not be achieved at this point, a neutral and independent party is involved, in this case, a claims court which looks into the agreement and any supportive documents to determine a solution to the dispute. Our high quality inventories have helped many people settle their disputes and we believe we will do the same for you.


Landlord inventory services are our focus and it’s what we do well. We have been in the property inventory business for over two decades within London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire and have amassed a wealth of knowledge as a result.

Providing landlord inventory services is simple when not branching out into other services that would make us impartial.

We are a long standing member of the association of independent inventory clerks and our inventory clerks prepare our clients reports based around the AIIC criteria. The AIIC membership is very important when seeking a professional inventory report and shows that the company or inventory clerks know what is required and what they are doing is correct. Every time you wish to let out your property to a tenant therefore, you need to come to the experts for professional inventory services. For instance our clerks will be here to guide you through the check in inventory, during the tenancy and at the end of the tenancy to ensure a proper transition of property from you to the tenant to the last day of the tenancy when the client intends to vacate the property.

Check In Inventory

Our inventory clerks are here to help you put in record all your items in your property right before the tenant occupies the property. This is necessary to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy when the tenant requests for a refund of the deposit.

Interim Inspection Inventory

As a landlord, you should consider inspecting your property from time to time to ensure that the tenant is taking good care of the house maintaining the original condition of the items and the property in general. Our clerks are highly experienced in carrying out interim inspection of property and taking good record of the condition of the items marking the damages such that the tenant will be asked to pay for them.

Checkout Service

After the tenant vacates the premises, you need to ascertain that the condition of your property is maintained before issuing a refund of the deposit. In case of gross damage of property and items, our clerks will evaluate the value of the damages and then advise accordingly on the amount to be deducted from the deposit. This is also important for the tenants as they have their deposit secured fro rogue landlords who fail to pay back the deposit once the client vacates their premises. The check out inventory takes into account fair wear and tear of property which is exempted from deductions when issuing the deposit.

Items Covered In Our Home Inventory Services

As mentioned earlier, our inventory service ensures your property is properly listed to protect the interests of both the tenant and the landlord. The items covered in the listing includes, furniture, ceiling, floors, walls, doors, windows, antiques, art collections, clothing, electronics and so on. To support the statements when recording the items, photographs are taken. All items in the property including under the bed are covered thus you can rest assured that our inventory services from our highly trained and experienced clerks will leave nothing out.

Below are some of the reasons why you need inventory services at different phases and what you expect of our inventory clerks.

·      Making an insurance claim- there are several tragedies that are likely to fall on your property. For that reason, you need insurance services to ensure your property is saved and that you can be compensated if things come to worst. Our inventory clerks are tasked to ensure maximum inventory maintenance to support your claim when the time comes. You are thus assured of recovering the losses incurred due to the natural calamities because compensation by insurance agencies is highly possible.

·      Help during home vacation- with a proper list of all the items in your property, it could be easy to determine the delicate items so that your movers will find a special way to transport the items without damaging them. This comes in handy for the moving company to determine the packaging materials to use.

·      Inventory services are crucial to help you keep track of all your belongings in your home. Many at times, home owners forget what they own because it has been a long time. Going through your updated inventory report prepared by professional clerks will help you recall all the items thus enabling you to easily sort out the items that are useful and those that you could wish to get rid of.

·      Inventory service also ensures confidentiality and privacy.

·      In case of any disaster, inventory reports will be helpful to serve as evidence of ownership of property

Protect Your Interest Today By Placing Your Trust with Our Inventory Clerks

Many people often assume that taking inventories from an independent company is a waste of resources and that they can handle it by themselves. if you really care for your valuables, you need not to take for granted that you list all your items in your memory. Memory loss is very common and would result to gross losses in the end. placing your trust with the perfect agency such as My Property Inventory will have all your interests protected and ensuring that all your items are perfectly listed and the reports kept for future reference when need arises.

It is quite tedious to save and make investments which ensure a better future. Nobody knows what the future holds for them and for that reason it is necessary that you have everything protected against any calamity. You thus need to be prepared for any unwanted twists since investing alone will not help in the end. Many clients who have been served by our clerks in the past have come again and again seeking our inventory services and even referred friends to our company. You can as well check out our online site various testimonials and reviews left by such clients talking about their satisfaction with our high quality services. You need to be aware of the possible calamities that may fall your investment and ensure a better way to shield yourself from losses. Seeking insurance covers is necessary but seeking inventory services is a lot more important to serve as proof of the items you own.





England approves first Eco Town to be built




England approves first Eco Town to be built

July 27, 2012 Bloggies by danny

The District Council of Cherwell has granted full planning permission for the NW Bicester scheme. This will be the UK’s first Eco town scheme, based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The completion of this project will be within 5 years, covering over 40 acres, 40% of this will be green space. The first phase of this housing development involves 393 highly efficient homes.

These houses are designed to be net-zero carbon homes, with this scheme involving high levels of insulation, large thermal efficiency and rain water storing all as part of the Eco scheme.

The development will have a solar array installation so it can produce green energy to power the development. It will boast as England’s largest residential solar installation. The development will also have a district heating system. It is believed that the household running costs will be greatly reduced with all these highly efficient housing energy projects in place.

The architecture around the development includes communal barbeque areas, seating, cycling paths, areas for children to be able to play in the streets and allotments and herb boxes.

Let’s hope this is an example of future building sites across England and the UK. This is actually the future goal in any home building scheme. The good news is that 30% of the homes constructed will be reserved for affordable housing, a school and an Eco business center. The plan for the start of this development is scheduled to start later in the year alongside other Eco towns in Cornwall, Norfolk and East Hampshire. This is a great development plan though it falls short from the 10 eco-towns announced earlier by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This however does not exclude the rest of the developments as the plans indicate reinstatement of the original plan once the Bicester housing development is completed successfully. This will see a further expansion of the sustainable homes across England and the Europe at large.

This development plan has been given out to Hosing Association A2Dominion and developer P3Eco who set foot on ensuring UK’s first Eco town in Bicester, Oxfordshire is completed successfully. More than 390 homes are planned to be built on a 50 acre of land with sufficient space left for green space.

A highly experienced consultant team has set forward to oversee the development that is yet to start later this year with the first exemplar phase. The team has assured advancement of the master plan for the entire site to ensure that the result is amazing and exactly as anticipated.

The development also takes the inclusion of environmental agents to ensure that everything is laid out as planned to come up with the first of four sites for Eco towns in the UK. The others too follow soon are St Austell and Clay Country eco-communities in Cornwall.

The entire scheme and other projects to follow are intended to indicate that sustainable development is possible and should be replicated throughout the country. The sites for these projects were revealed after a tedious 2-year selection process that has faced several challenges including opposition and controversies.

The development phases are envisaged to be completed by 2020 with the first phase timed to end by 2016 for the four sites and the remaining six by 2020. The entire scheme is objected to raise more than 5,000 homes built on 10 sites. The choice of locations was done carefully to ensure nothing is affected in the process. This is because many issues were raised concerning the impact such development would have on wildlife habitats and traffic congestions on the countryside. Most of the locations selected are from a list of the most unsustainable and worrying locations that the government has chosen to go with the least damaging.

A state of the art recycling for waste matter and water systems, zero carbon technologies, good public transport and at least 30-50% social housing are some of the plans that are intended for this big project ahead.

The completion of the Eco towns will result to new green towns in the world backed by the government with sufficient green space taking up to 40% of the entire space with parks. There is actually a more natural lifestyle intended for everybody who will stay here.  Solar panels will be installed to trap and store solar energy for use in heating water and lighting the homes, homes will be powered by wind turbines and wood chip boilers which all bring down the cost of providing energy to your home and above all preserving the environment for future generations.

Planners of the schemes are also saying that more environmental features are possible once the plans start to be executed. Actually the standards set for eco-towns’ prospectus are very high meaning the kind of development to be initiated in these eco-towns are like no other ever witnessed in the entire world.

The prospectus for eco towns that will be followed when building the homes are such as:

$1·      Incorporation of high standard water efficiency

$1·      Ensuring low carbon living by minimizing carbon emissions from transport

$1·      The homes built to level six as the top level of the code for sustainable homes,

$1·      Demonstrate excellence in various aspects of environmental sustainability

$1·      Integrate green space that will enhance biodiversity

Following these prospectus, it is a sure thing that the homes to be built will meet the standards intended for living. The future of towns is bound to change with the government putting more efforts into ensuring the environment is sustained for future generations. the eco-town scheme of the UK is something that many countries of the world are looking forward to emulate such that the respective country’s citizens can benefit from the various advantages of the green environment that is free from hazardous effects such as carbon and environment pollutions such air and the environment in general. UK is taking the lead and sure many other countries have to follow suit to ensure the future is safeguarded by all means and future generations protected.


Inventory Reports




Inventory Reports

July 26, 2012 Bloggies by danny

Without an inventory report what proof do you have about the condition of your investment property or former home?

It has been compared to that of giving the counter staff at a bank all your cash and not getting a receipt or having any proof of how much cash you handed over.

It’s a large gamble to move tenants into a property without being able to show how the property was handed over and what the contents of the property were when the tenants moved in.

This goes for tenants as well. If they move into a house with scratches on a painted wall, they can be held liable if they cannot prove the scratches were already there when they moved in (this is one minor example.)

Make sure, when instructing your inventory company, that they have no connection to either party, or the agent for that matter. They are regulated by the A.I.I.C., this way you will know they have the right training and the report will stand up in a dispute situation. A biased report may be a disappointment to the property owner or the tenant as one side will be favored at the expense of the other.

A good report

The inventory report should have the best characteristics to enable the owner of the property to enjoy the benefits associated with it. It needs to be;

  • Accurate

The report should be devoid of arithmetical errors regarding the value of the property and its features. The features described and their state given should also not be ambiguous or not understandable. Everything should be clear to the users of the report to easily understand the content.

  • Timely

The clerks involved in the inventory should compile a report and give it to the required party as soon as possible. This is important in many situations like letting whereby the tenant need to ascertain and prove the state of affairs of the property as recorded. Otherwise they will be forced to pay for wrongly recorded statements especially when they are checking out of the property.

  • Free from bias

The company involved in taking the inventory and compiling a report should not have prejudice in any way. This is because one of the parties involved may be favored for example in letting whereby the clerks may record everything wrongly so that the tenant can pay damages. This is extremely unethical as it exposes one to expense charges not incurred by them. This can be avoided by having a reputable company work for you. My property inventories are preferable to others for this reason as our clerks work as per A.I.I.C requirements.

Why keep inventory reports

You have probably heard a case where the owner of a property gets sent away from the insurers when trying to get a settlement of their claim for the simple reason that they do not a have a clear record of their asset values or losing cases to tenants regarding damage charges for not having inventory. Landlords and many property owners are turning to taking inventory because they have found it to be so beneficial in many areas.

Its advantages include;

  • Help reaching consensus when disputes arise

Disputes are common between tenant and landlord. At the end of the renting period, an inspection will be done to see if the tenant caused any damage to the property for example making big holes on the walls and serious damage to the floor. This will make the tenant liable and the damage will have to be deducted from the deposit landlords hold. However, in some cases the landlord may not have bothered to have inventory take. In this case no damage will be evident as no records show the current and original states of the property. This will lead to a big dispute as the tenant will be charged by the landlord regardless of having no proof. To avoid these disputes it needs the owner of the property to have inventory reports ready with photographs as evidence.

  • Insurance claims

To be safe at least most property owners have taken cover for their assets in case of any unfavorable contingencies. Usually the insurance company demands for record giving clear image values of the property before settlement of your claim. It will be practically impossible to claim for settlement when you do not have even the list of the asses damaged. Where will they get the means to assist you when you don’t have the slightest idea of the property you hold?

This calls for all those who own different properties to have inventories and their reports to get services from the insurers.

  • Security and following performance of property

Tenants will have to take care of the property for you knowing that you have an inventory record of how the property looked before they entered. Slight damage will come out since the landlord will be having the initial record backed up by photographic evidence. Therefore tenants will take extra caution not to mishandle anything. The report will also enable the owner to track the property and notice any changes and take necessary action for example doing repairs and maintenance.

My property inventories will make you avoid any unfavorable situations by offering a report of quality and also one which meets required standards. These situations can either be disputes with the tenants in case of tenancies or insurers’ failure to consider your claim as valid.

Our team is a highly qualified one with unequal expertise to ensure they take inventory of your property and give you a good report in the shortest period possible. Our Inventory Clerks are A.I.I.C trained to make them to be so perfect. Once you contact us requesting for our services, the clerks will be there within no time to do the inspection in the shortest duration ever.

They have the experience on how to go about everything regarding the inventory. The best part of it is that the report that will be made is unbiased as we always do not want to compromise anybody regarding your property. Have your inventory taken by us and reap the benefits of the inventory report we will make for you.


Why Compile an Inventory Report




Why Compile an Inventory Report

July 25, 2012 Bloggies by danny

Why compile an inventory report before moving a tenant into your home?

The main reason to draw up an independent inventory report via an inventory company is that they will list everything and the condition within your property prior to the tenants moving in. This means you have major proof of how you handed over a property to your new tenants.

To have them checked in by the inventory company as well means they had an un-bias check in with meter readings taken, as they took responsibility.

We would never move tenants in without a valid third party inventory report mainly for these reasons. My Property Inventories should ever be your priority among inventory companies as we ensure that we provide an experienced and enough team of Inventory Clerks to do the inventory work and give a desired feedback through an estimable inventory report.

No worry about us since our reputation has been proven all over major cities in the UK. Our team works as per A.I.I.C standards requirements. You will be sent enough team to take the inventory and be sure it will be done with the highest level of competence and experience and a report drafted within no time. Above all, we are never associated with biased reports that will unfairly lead to taking liability of any party between landlords and tenants.

Inventory and Report

We respond early enough to clients immediately we receive their order. We send a number of clerks who will be enough to take your inventory and this will depend on the size of your property. Even if it is a skyscraper with many offices or a small estate with few buildings, we will send an adequate team to do the work within a short time.

Usually the clerks will take an initial inspection of the property. Here they will take record of all the assets associated with the property and list them with appropriate descriptions. For buildings to let; windows, floors, and walls among many other features will be inspected as they are prone to damage when the house is in use.

They take photographs of the assets in their current state in the event of tenancies. This is of ultimate importance considering that the tenants will check out eventually leading to a positive or negative effect on the property. The photos will be used to show any differences that would have occurred for the tenant to be charged damage.

After taking the inventory a report will be made available to you. The report will have the asset descriptions and their values. The photographic evidence will be given to you for safe keeping and mind to keep all the documents safe as they will be required on many occasions regarding the property.

We extend our services to the time when the tenant is checking out to do another inspection. This is the inventory to show any discrepancies due to usage of the property by the tenant. The photographic evidence will be useful in this case as they will show the true state of the property before the tenant checked in. The damage is then calculated and charged fairly.

Advantages of the inventory report

The inventory report is a crucial document that the landlord can find useful in many areas.

  • Getting insurance claims settled

Nobody knows when their property will be stolen or consumed by fire or any other peril making them incur hefty losses. There is a need to insure what you are not sure. Insurers will always have to assess damage caused before giving compensation. It is possible however if the property owner has the record of all his or her assets that can aid the assessment.

An inventory report will be used by the insurance company to see the true asset values and the list contained therein so that they can settle the claim. Otherwise it will be totally impossible for the insurer to know the extent of damage caused for them to settle the claim. Landlords and any other property owners therefore need to take inventory and have the inventory reports ready for any eventualities because minus the inventory they might as well never receive such service from insurance companies.

  • Secure property

Property is in the best hands when in the hands of their owners. Having worked hard for them makes the owners look after them with ultimate care. The problem however comes when they need to let the property and the property will have new stewards. This is risky as the new occupiers may misuse everything leaving the property in a very bad and compromising state.

An inventory report will be a very useful tool to deal with such a vice from tenants. An inventory will be taken and agree to sign against the inspection report as to the true recording of the status of the property. Tenants will never be reckless in the handling of the property as they will fear that they will be held liable hence paying for any evident discrepancies. The landlord therefore can be at peace having inventory as it ensures the property is secure.

  • Tenancy disputes

It is common for tenants and landlords to disagree on issues especially on refund of deposits paid and damage.

With an inventory report the comparison of the two states of the property i.e. when the tenant is moving in and when moving out will show changes and the tenant will be able to pay damages as the evidence will show with even photographic evidence available.

Disputes will now come in when the landlord has no inventory. There will be no proof as to the damage claimed and the tenant can obviously go free even in court.


It is therefore worthy taking note of the risks of not having inventory and keeping reports on the same. This will enable you to realize the importance of the inventory taking exercise.

Have your inventory today and you will be able to enjoy insurance services, keep track of the progress of your property and keep it secure as possible from mishandling by the tenants.