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Inventory Reports




Inventory Reports

November 30, 2011 Bloggies by danny

The importance of an Inventory report reflects back to us every month. This month our Independent Inventory Reports resolved three tenancy deposit disputes between the landlord and the tenant. Inventory reports must be impartial and free from any bias. With a good Inventory report in place your property or deposit can be considered safe. Loss is always untold when it will exactly hit, that is why you need to always be prepared for safety precautions. Remember it has cost you a fortune to have those assets in place so stop gambling with your valuables, home and business property at all times by having a comprehensive inventory report from experienced and highly renowned inventory agency such as My Property Inventory. This is because a competent inventory service provider provides accurate documentation that is affordable and useful any time a loss or damage occurs to your property. Sometimes the police too need a descriptive document to indicate your goods in case of robbery for investigation purposes.

Why Independent Inventory Reports?

Inventory reports prepared by professional inventory clerks are quite crucial in ensuring the safety of your property at all times. What you therefore need is a document that that will prove invaluable in case of property damage or loss as a result of natural calamities. In case an inventory service is proved to have been prepared by a company that is biased towards one party, then the relevancy of that document is lost and the case too. What an inventory report should have

Inventory reports being a document of proof of ownership of a specific item need to have three major components i.e.:

  • Listing the items
  • Detailed description of the items
  • Photos of the items

Listing the items:

In this part, an inventory clerk should check out all necessary items in a property and list them down including all the items under the beds and inside drawers or shelves. While listing the items, the owner should be available to guide the clerk through the various useful items in the house.

Detailed description of the items:

An inventory clerk should not just stop at listing the items while preparing an inventory report. Details such as the serial number of the items, their condition and dates they were bought together with their costs. This is crucial when preparing a check out inventory report to the landlord when assessing the condition after use of the property by the tenant. This will thus help in estimating the amount of compensation the landlord deserves after all. Fair wear and tear of property is also kept in perspective when sorting out this issue of compensation at the end of tenancy.

Photos of the items:

It may not be enough to prepare property inventories without photos of each listed item. This is very crucial in determining whether the landlord deserves any compensation from the tenant at the end of tenancy. Photos of items are quite helpful in avoiding any sort of dispute between the landlord and the tenant concerning the condition of the property at the start of tenancy. In settling various disputes that arise at any time of concluding tenancy, photographs have served a great role in comparing the initial condition of the property and the final. Any discrepancy in the comparison is what will be analyzed whether it is fair wear and tear or damage by the tenant. It is as simple as that.

Property inventories have always served as the most accurate documentative evidence used in settling tenancy disputes whenever they occur. If you are a landlord and wish to have peace of mind, then you need to hire the services of an independent inventory clerk with experience in preparing these documents to be used for insurance and police purposes whenever required.

You have probably learned that a property inventory is very important in your home or business life. It is more important when you obtain the document from a good service provider. A good property inventory service provider usually has the following traits to look for:

  • Registered as a member of a professional association

When looking for the right inventory service provider, always check whether they are registered as a member of any professional association such as AIIC or APIP. My property Inventory is a company that is registered as a member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and all the service providers trained to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization so as to offer the best quality services to the clients.

  • Independent

The right inventory service provider is one working independently to avoid any kind of bias when preparing the documents. After all independent inventories are considered more effective in settling disputes unlike those prepared by clerks who have other working relationships with one party.

  • Transparent in pricing

The cost of preparing inventory documents is always a matter of concern to many property owners. The right inventory service provider should therefore be upfront with their pricing policy. Like many service providers charge according to the size of property i.e. number of rooms and the items available in each room.

  • Outstanding reviews and testimonial

Previous customer feedback will tell you the kind of service provider one is. You can check out the various service providers on different business directories such as where clients leave their feedbacks concerning the quality of service delivered to them. This will enable you to avoid low quality and poorly rated companies.

Well as much as inventory reports are important and crucial for any property owner, the main question to ask yourself is who will produce your report? The above guidelines will help you locate the most appropriate option to prepare a detailed but easy to comprehend inventory report. My Property Inventory is known for its wealthy experience in writing high quality and comprehensive inventory reports for its clients. It has all the traits listed above and has successfully helped in dispute resolution for a number of cases arising at the end of tenancy between landlords and tenants.



Unbias Inventory Services




Unbias Inventory Services

September 20, 2011 Bloggies by danny

Yet another case we have come across today of an Inventory Company that not only offers Inventory Services but also Cleaning.  Big No Go! The Inventory report was chucked out of the dispute and the tenant won the case.  This is because the tenant had been passed a cleaning bill for £200 and it is the same company as the Inventory Company that suggested the property needed a clean. Clearly unfair and bias Inventory Reporting.  When are they going to ban these bias un- independent Inventory companies? This should not surprise you as many tenants have actually fallen victim of biased reporting which demands that a part or the whole of their deposit gets confiscated by the landlord. Do you really understand the consequences of a biased and un-independent inventory clerks as a landlord. If such individuals come your way, be the first to reject them as they are bound to use you in order to benefit from the deal. They are not working right to safeguard your interests but rather theirs alone.

In the recent past, there have been lots of changes in legislation that has seen many landlords and letting agents under pressure to offer more tasks to their tenants. Performance certificates, House multiple occupancy Licensing, gas safe Certificates and portable Appliance Testing have been the most common for the landlords to ensure better letting services. In addition to all these requirements, every property owner is now expected to prepare a comprehensive report detailing all the items in the property, features, fittings and their conditions. This has really hit hard on property owners but this is just to assure everybody that all is well and everybody is safeguarded from all risks associated with natural calamities. These demands are tedious to cope up with for property owners but outsourcing the tasks to a professional specialist inventory service provider such as My Property Inventory is quite helpful and fruitful.

Prior to the signing of a tenancy agreement, it should be clear that various clauses with regard to the property’s initial inventory and interim inspection by the tenant are available. The initial inventory is the main skeleton to any legal agreement between the landlord and tenant. The document should thus be prepared in a manner that both parties’ interests are put into consideration.

The role of an inventory clerk

It is necessary to prepare inventories for your property as a landlord right before a tenant occupies your property. The owner or agent therefore arranges for an inventory clerk to visit the property before a tenant comes in. The clerk carries out property inspection and prepares a detailed document giving comprehensive descriptions of all the features and items in the property including the floor, ceiling, walls, doors, windows, heating and any other item such as furniture, electrical fittings and curtains among others. Every statement made in the report should be supported by a photograph for clarification purposes. This document will then serve as the binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

The inventory clerk may also be requested by the landlord to revisit the property to check out whether the tenant is maintaining the premises by taking good care of it. Over the tenancy period, the clerk may visit the premises any time requested by the landlord but this has to be approved by the tenant.

The final moment when an inventory clerk is needed is when the tenant is vacating the property. During this period, the clerk also carries out a comprehensive inventory to determine the condition of all the items in the property in reference to the check-in report. The report prepared this time takes into consideration fair wear and tear of property together with any damages observed. These checkout reports compared to the check in report will establish whether the tenant receives back their deposit in whole or part or even none. This is determined by the extent of damage to property and the estimated repair or replacement costs.

Why Landlords Should Hire Independent and Unbiased Inventory Service

  • Guarantees a high quality inventory services from independent clerks who work on a daily basis to produce documents that, in case need arises, will be useful in settling disputes among the concerned parties before the matter is taken to court.
  • Preparation of high quality documents crucial while making insurance claims. All insurance service providers usually ask for a professional independent document prepared by the unbiased inventory clerk for them to assess your claim.
  • Saves time and hassle as all the necessary services required are prepared by professionals who understand their work well and with experience to provide a keen eye on the condition of all the items in your property. This saves money too in the long run.

If you intend to prepare your property inventories but have got stuck on the way due to lack of the necessary skills and know how to do things right, hire My Property inventory clerks today to reduce your workload and save you time to perform other duties. We are the only trusted independent inventory service providers in the region with enormous customer feedback concerning the various services we offer. We are fully insured with all our inventory clerks AIIC checked to improve the quality of service to all the clients. Working with us always ensures real-time solution to disputes that may arise in the course of tenancy thus helping the concerned parties to raise any grievances in line with the signed agreement at the start of tenancy.

By taking details of all the items in your property and their conditions, you successfully ensure maximum safety of your property against any natural calamity or damage by the tenant. The tenant too upon taking good care and maintenance of the premises is guaranteed of a full refund of their interest within a short period of 14 days after vacating the property. Choosing the right inventory agency is also very critical in determining the effectiveness of the documents required. That is why an independent and unbiased inventory service provider like My Property Inventory is quite helpful.




Inventories And Their Importance




Inventories And Their Importance

August 19, 2011 Bloggies by danny

We all have plans to get things done before our new tenants are due to move in.  Sometimes we just let time slip and don’t get round to addressing the issues.  There is no excuse for not getting an Inventory report carried out via an Inventory company that offers independent Inventory services.  Do not get your fingers burnt by tenant damage.  Without an independent inventory in place the tenancy dispute service will always go in favor of the Tenant. In as much as you wish to get money from your tenants, ensuring safety of your investment is quite crucial. You should thus be ready and prepared for any unexpected twist of things in the future because your property is under another person’s care. Investing wisely is important in the current economic times but maintaining the investment is far much crucial so that you are able to yield the fruits of your investment.

Avoid the Possible Hazards-Get Inventory Service Now

There are various possible hazards that go with owning property from robbery to damage by fire and other natural disasters that are hard to control or prevent. Many landlords are also disappointed by the tenants taking care of their property as they end up causing various damages to the property. In order to face any of such eventualities and easily overcome the setbacks, a property inventory is very crucial to safeguard your property from any of such dangers.

Items Covered In Property Inventory Service

Property inventory usually comprises of a list of all important items in your property in order to protect your interests. Our inventory service thus covers comprehensively all the items in your possession such as antiques, furniture, art collection, clothing, electronics, electric appliances, walls, windows, flooring, ceiling and several others. In order to ensure that nothing goes out of view, photographs of all the listed items are taken covering the entire house including all the corners, under the beds inside any closet or drawers. Our inventory clerks always ensure that nothing is left out in the process.

There are various types of inventories depending with the party interested for instance, office inventories, shops and commercial inventories, property inventories for landlords and tenants and home property inventories among others. We at My Property Inventory deal with all kinds of inventories to help all our clients get the best quality services. Below are the various advantages of inventory service:

  • Claiming insurance compensation at the time of disasters- sometime it becomes hard for insurance providers to comprehensively cover your property if you don’t provide them with a list of the items and their conditions that you need covered. All property owners thus need to seek inventory service to help them prepare a comprehensive report of all the items possessed by an individual to avoid any form of misunderstanding when making insurance claims. This is one single document that has helped many property owners to receive full compensation of their property once they get destroyed or damaged by natural calamities.
  • Shifting homes- at one point in time everyone wishes to relocate to a new place and a new home. The process is usually tedious more especially when looking out for the right moving company to help you with relocation. An inventory record set straight all the items you wish to be moved to your new destination. With the help of this document, moving companies are able to calculate the cost of transport easily before giving out their quote. The inventory on the other hand may come in handy when issues are brought up at the end of transportation concerning the condition of the items. For instance if an item breaks or gets damaged during transportation, the moving company may deny liability but with the help of an inventory record with photographs, there is no way they can get away with it.
  • Keeping track of all your items- you might have stayed in your current home for way too long to recall all the items in your possession. Carrying out an inventory on your property will help you determine the important items from those you don’t need for shelving purposes.
  • Solving and prevention of landlord-tenant disputes- this is a major area of concern for many property owners. In order for the landlord to safeguard their investment on letting property and the tenant safeguard their deposit, it is important to prepare a property inventory before the tenant moves into the property. The initial condition of the property should be properly maintained to the end of the tenancy. Only fair wear and tear should be allowed in such circumstances. In case of any damage to property by the tenant, the final checkout inventory will clearly show it and our inventory clerks will help you in the estimation of the costs for repair or replacement of the damaged property such that the amount can be deducted from the deposit. This doesn’t however work in favor of the landlord alone because our inventory services allow for fair wear and tear which should not be mistaken by the landlord to confiscate the tenant’s deposit. The tenant’s deposit is also safeguarded until a substantial damage to property is established. Otherwise the tenant will have to receive back their deposit within fourteen days after the vacation of the premises.

We offer the best inventory services with a professional approach to listing inventories. This has earned My Property inventory a name in the industry. This therefore guarantees you of genuine listing of property to help you in safeguarding the condition of all of your items in the property against natural calamities and damages by the tenant.

From the above information it is indicative that getting a personal inventory for your products is suicidal as it may not hold waters when a dispute comes up at one point in time. For any inventory listing to be assumed genuine and unbiased, an independent inventory clerk or agency is required to prepare the report. You do not intend to take your property and valuables for granted, take action now and have all your property listed by professional inventory service providers. With My property Inventory agency you have all your interests protected and protected safely for that matter.


Inventory Disputes




Inventory Disputes

August 15, 2011 Bloggies by danny

When there is a dispute between the landlord and the tenant it can be saved by having had a photographic, independent inventory report in place. It is that simple.  Our inventory reports are regulated by the A.I.I.C. and they write about and show the condition of the property prior to a move in. With one of our inventory reports in place there is no dispute. We offer the full range of inventory services. We thus help those guys out there trying so hard to avoid any kind of disputes with their tenants. Come to us today and we will help you with the best property inventories that make everything clear and open to everyone, thus avoiding any kind of conflict or if it happens, solving of such disputes becomes simple and one time.

In our provision of inventory services, we ensure that you avoid any kind of dispute with your client in the following three ways:

  • Writing the Inventory

This is a document that is very crucial following the landlord-tenant agreement. It is prepared in a way to indicate all the items in a property and their conditions. Many landlords who fail to prepare these documents usually find themselves in deep problems once the lease period comes to an end and the tenant requests for a refund of their deposit. Sometimes tenants leave your property damaged or items that were on the property replaced without the consent of the landlords. In such a case, you as the landlord would wish to have some compensation of the damages but sometimes it gets hard due to lack of supporting evidence to indicate that you really had the items existed in the condition you saying. The only true teller of the condition and the state of your property when the client was entering your property is a property inventory. We help all our clients in preparation of high quality inventories with detailed description of all the items in their property and their current condition before a tenant enters the property. This inventory is crucial later when the client wants to vacate. Another inventory is taken at the checkout time to determine the condition of all the items that were on the property. To avoid any dispute, a comparison is drawn between the checkout and check-in inventories to determine any damages that occurred in the event the tenant was using the property.

Photographs are usually taken together with videos of the items in the property to be used as evidence of the initial condition of the property before the tenant occupies the property. We thus ensure that all the items and their conditions are properly and comprehensively documented at the beginning of the tenancy.

  • Taking Detailed Records of Everything Important In Your Property

Every item on your property matters a lot to you even if it is considered irrelevant by another person. All items should therefore be included in the property inventory. If the tenant feels some items are not useful to them, then they will demand them removed at the check in time which is allowed, provided that it does not make part of the permanent fixtures of the building. All things including the condition of the property such as flooring, ceiling, walls and other fixtures should therefore be included in the inventory together with their conditions. Photographs of the property are taken to give a stronger analysis of the state of the property. We cover your property inventory comprehensively ensuring transparency and avoid any ambiguities. Greater detail and attention are accorded to the items that you as the landlord consider important but still all other things are also relevant to be included in the inventory. Let’s help you to protect your valuables from any damage while the tenant is taking full charge of the items.

  • Offering Professional Property Inventory Services

Anybody can prepare their own property inventories because it only entails listing down all the items in your property and describing their conditions, after which you will take photographs of the items and store them safely. It sounds simple and many landlords would prefer preparing their own inventories. But wait, it is not as simple as it sounds to prepare a comprehensive inventory. You need to involve a keen eye for detail to prepare comprehensive inventory reports. A specialist is therefore crucial in preparation of the inventories for your property. For instance our inventory clerks are highly trained professionals who deliver the best quality services that meet professional standards. We are independent inventory service providers thus work impartially to deliver unbiased inventories to all landlords and tenants. This independence helps in easily solving any dispute that may come up at the end of tenancy. Dispute resolution is thus easy with the help of our high quality services.

Why Do You Need Property Inventories?

Any property owner should understand the various advantages of preparing property inventories other than resolving property disputes between the landlord and tenant. This is because everybody needs to be sure that their assets are maintained in the best condition possible to safeguard their investment. Choosing our inventory services, we ensure the following advantages:

  • The safety of your property- Our inventory clerks are highly experienced professionals who will help you with a comprehensive listing of all your property. There is no need to worry about property disputes with your tenants once you have our quality services
  • We help you in carrying out regular inspections of your property to ensure they are maintained in the very best condition.
  • We help prepare detailed reports for any damages in the property during work on the site and the time a tenant occupies your property
  • Ensuring you know the condition of your property right before a tenant occupies your property so that you can easily conclude a tenancy period by determining the damages to your building and the estimated compensation before paying back the deposit to the tenant.
  • When insuring your property, insurance service providers usually ask for comprehensive information about your property before determining the premium amount to effectively cover all your items.

In order to benefit from inventory services, you always need to insist on high quality, independent and experienced service providers. That is why we come in handy to help you preparing these documents in the best way possible.

Busy With Inventory Reports




Busy With Inventory Reports

August 09, 2011 Bloggies by danny

This has been the start of a very busy month averaging at 20 Inventory reports booked with us per day.  Our Inventory Clerks have been across London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex, Buckingham and Bedfordshire!

Although the Inventory reports required this year have gone down, due to lack of tenants moving from one home to the next, we have had a very strong year with the demand for Inventory services.

With only one tenancy dispute on our hands the whole year we have been very successful.  It seems that tenants and landlords are really seeing the powerful benefits of getting a property Inventory in place with their tenancy agreement.

This has been the start of a very busy month averaging at 20 Inventory reports booked with us per day.  Our Inventory Clerks have been across London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex, Buckingham and Bedfordshire!

Although the Inventory reports required this year have gone down, due to lack of tenants moving from one home to the next, we have had a very strong year with the demand for Inventory services.

With only one tenancy dispute in our hands the whole year we have been very successful.  It seems that tenants and landlords are really seeing the powerful benefits of getting a property Inventory in place with their tenancy agreement. This is the reason as to why many are using them and this has worked to reduce the issue of disputes associated with tenancy significantly.

Advantages of  inventory reports

The landlord of the property may be involved in many other issues not to allow them to regularly check their property. Having to be in charge of different properties at the same time may also be hectic and the work of the landlord at this point may seem hard to handle considering they have to look into the welfare of their property and the tenants regarding the letting agreement.

This necessitates the landlord to make complete reports of their property; of course with the help of inventory clerks that are available with many companies all over just like my property investments. This report would be the most useful tool the landlord should make use of to ensure protection of their properties where they own quite a few. Usually it would require photographic evidence to back up the report and here photos of different parts of the property are taken for a later comparison to check if there are any differences caused by damage that might have been caused by the tenant or wear and tear.

Usually the report would be useful in areas like;

  • Insurance requirements whereby the landlord is expected to produce well kept inventory records especially before they enter into any contract with the landlord. This is to show the net worth or value of the assets owned by the landlord and gives a suitable policy cover. In case where the landlord wants to make any claims regarding the property for lease or let, they need to submit quality documents, that is the quality inventory report. The insurer would always reject any claims made without proper documents.
  • The common and the most important reason as to why there should be a quality report is that it can be used to settle disputes between the landlord and the tenant. Disputes would always arise at the time the tenant is moving out of the estate as assessment of the damage is done. If no inspection was done, then charging damage on the deposit of the tenant held by the landlord may lead to issues such as proof of the damage would be required. A dispute might also arise between the landlord and insurer where they are trying to obtain claims without proper documentation of inventory report.
  • Inventory report would be used by the landlord to give security to the property. One never knows what may happen to their property at any time and therefore it is the responsibility of the landlord to know the cost of the property as per the inventory report and then make necessary steps towards its protection.
  • Utmost care of property. This is true as the tenants would have to take ultimate care of the property because they know they would be held liable since the inventory report has been made and more so photographs are taken. This makes them use the property carefully so as to maintain it the way was before they moved in, to avoid being charged on their deposits due to the damage they might have caused.
  • It is the best way to keep track of your property. Since the report contains all the necessary information regarding the property, the landlord is able to do note discrepancies and correct them as deemed appropriate. This is a good way to maintain the property.

To avoid such disputes like those with tenants and insurance companies, it is worth noting to the landlord that they ought to keep proper inventory.

Quality report

The landlord has to ensure that they get the best inventory clerk to do the inspection and come up with a good report. This report would be used in many areas for example in insurance and handling of disputes as discussed herein

My property investments would help in a great deal by doing the inventory service. They have perfected the property inspection as required leaving no source for dispute at all.

Characteristics of a good report;

  • The report should be timely. It needs to be prepared on time and kept safely by the landlord. This is because it needs to be ready anytime the tenant would be moving out. It would be a checker of every material that was inspected to see any discrepancies between the original appearance of the inspected feature and the current appearance.
  • The report should be precise. It should reveal all the material facts that would be of help in assessing discrepancies or differences with the property as per to the original state and the state currently.
  • Should be accurate. This is because users like insurance companies would require accurate records to assess the value of assets before giving cover or claim. Without it therefore, most would be lost.
  • Should not be biased in any way. Some property inventory companies may want to compromise state of affairs regarding the property. These companies only need to provide the service required; inventory taking and nothing more. Some services extended like cleaning are not encouraged and they may lead to biased reports. This could be at the cost of some parties like the tenant.

Landlords should therefore embrace inventory taking at all costs considering the many benefits got from it. However, they need not only just an inventory report but a quality one. Once they have done this, everything regarding their property would run smoothly.