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Commercial Office Inventories




Commercial Office Inventories

July 21, 2011 Bloggies by danny

Having completed an Inventory Report on a 23 story office block in Central London today we feel very happy with the outcome.  Both the Landlord and new Tenant for the building know they are fully protected with our Independent Inventory that we have carried out.  It took 3 Inventory Clerks 3 days to carry out a very impressive Inventory Report that safe guards both parties from the beginning of their tenancy agreement.

Many businesses in big cities and towns operate in rented premises. Since they are going concern businesses they are yet to come to an end in the near future and therefore they need to rent premises for a long period of time. This can be five to ten years. However some involve leasing terms whereby the businesses have a purchase option and they become owners in the long run. In major cities the businesses would acquire offices in some stories of the story buildings.

The long time separation from the landlord and the tenant, in this case the business is long enough to make the landlord worry of the state of their building after those years under let. Since they cannot manage the building on their own, they could take inventory to be a shield against any damage that could be caused by the company which is their client. The commercial business which is the new tenant needs to pay a deposit. This deposit would be held by the landlord waiting the date when the tenant is vacating the premise to oversee how their property condition is and charge any damage on the deposit. The deposit will be refunded wholly in cases where damage is not evident.

All the offices taken over by these commercial businesses therefore need to be inspected and a report written down to be used by the landlord to claim any damage caused in those business offices in their daily. The inventory would document the current state of the assets in those business offices. Materials prone to damages like window panes, walls, floors and the roof should be prioritized. Usually as many inventory companies would do this to take clear and high quality pictures of those features recorded to support the report. These photographs would then be used as evidence to show any discrepancies as will be shown in the original state and the new state. The office work may have led to breaking of window glasses and even scratches on the wall. Usually the window panes could be charged but things like small scratches on the wall would be taken to be minor and would not be charged.

Benefits of inventories to both the landlord and tenant

The landlord of the office premises

  • The landlord could use the report from the inventory in insurance. Normally the insurance guys ask for proper inventory record of the property. They assess the assets as indicated to give you a cover. Also in a case where the landlord wants a claim settled on such a property, it is necessary to have inventories for it to be effective.
  • Having the inventory would help in keeping the property protected. Without it, the occupiers of the rented offices may tend to misuse the property causing a lot of damage but when the inventory is taken and ascertained by both parties the occupiers would be forced to take ultimate care of the property as if it were their own
  • Settling disputes is another major reason as to have inventories. This is because disputes come up in most cases whereby the landlord disagrees on the damage caused and refuse to give the tenant their deposit back. With clear report and photographic evidence taken when the business was checking-in into the premises, the damage would be charged fairly and the business would be charged fair damage charge.

The tenant (business office occupiers)

  • The office building would have different tenants. The joint tenancy becomes an issue whereby some utilities would have to be shared between the tenants. Usually they would agree and get to pay the damage equally in case of any. Tenants should ask the landlord to have inventory taken always when one tenant leaves and another one comes in.
  • To their advantage as well, they are able to solve disputes whereby most landlords do not want to pay. In the UK alone a research carried out showed that more than 60% of tenants have had issues while asking for their refund of the deposit. The tenant however should ascertain the condition of the asset as recorded in the report before signing the agreement with the landlord to check-in.

However to avoid disputes with the landlord, tenants need also to maintain the property as much as they can and also improve it if possible. They need to use the property as if it is their own and avoid damages charge.

Most landlords in the current state of the world have inventory taken before they receive new tenants. However, a few may not bother to do it for either ignorance or negligence. In the latter case they assume that inventories are a waste of time and money not knowing by doing that they are exposing themselves to many serious consequences.

Failing to have an inventory of your property would deny you the most services like settlement of claims from insurers in the first case. Also most cases solved regarding tenant-landlord disputes over deposits, tenants get away easily as they are not to blame for not keeping clear record of the value of the property.

As my property inventories, we are always there to offer you the best inventory services within the shortest time possible. Whether the biggest story building with the highest number of offices with different businesses, we will be able to assist you have a record of the value of your property. We have a team of inventory clerks with the ultimate expertise on how to have the inventory and provide you with the best report on time. That is what we do and believe in us that dispute cases will be long gone.

Inventories In London




Inventories In London

July 12, 2011 Bloggies by danny

The demand for London Inventories and Inventory Services within the London area and the surrounds rose sharply over the last few years. There are now many more letting agents using Inventories for all their tenancies than ever before.  We have had record Inventory, Check in and Check Out instructions over the first half of this year and can really see that Landlords are getting very serious about Independent Inventory reports being carried out prior to a tenant Check In.  This is good news for all.  London inventory clerks can do an inventory of the property before a tenant moves in.  This way there is no confusion when and if the tenant moves out, as to what was and or wasn't there.  Property can get damaged, or the property might have already been damaged when you take over a lease.  Parties, the renter and the rentee can protect themselves by having a legal, unbiased, impartial inventory done on the property.

Managing inventories

For any successful business, inventory is very necessary to help in keeping a close check on what is taking place and what is expected at the end. Property owners, letting agents, business people and tenants across London now rely on the power of inventories to protect their merchandize and property. There are quite a number of inventory clerks and firms opened up across the entire of London offering services to various clients in need of such services. If you fall under one of the categories of individuals listed above, then you need to learn how to manage your inventory at all times so as to ensure maximum security and protection to all your belongings. Below are some of the ways to ensure proper management of inventory by the landlords and other property owners.

  • Prepare check-in reports

Prior to a tenant occupying your property, ensure that you do a check in inventory to ascertain the condition of the property. This service will look into determining the condition of the floor, ceiling, furnishings, furniture and other items available. A description for each item is taken and photos taken to act as supporting evidence for future reference.

  • Confirm the check-in inventory report with the tenant

On the day the tenant is occupying the property all the details in the check-in inventory report should be confirmed by going through all the details on the house and items available. In case the tenant decides to add more items in the house, that would be upon them to seek home property inventory services on their own.

  • Update the inventory report from time to time

Any additions to the current condition of the property should be updated. This is to ensure that all the items bought are included in the inventory ensuring safe protection of all the items. Many property owners assume the three steps forgetting that they are the most crucial in the determination of their case once a dispute arises at the point of termination of the lease.

  • Checkout inventory reports

This is the inventory taken once the client decides to vacate the property they are currently holding. This is very important in the determination of the final condition of the property at the point of exit. A comparison between a check in inventory and check out inventory is then done to determine whether any damages occurred to the property other than the fair wear and tear. This is what will dictate whether the landlord gets compensated for any damage caused to property or the tenant is to be refunded their total deposit.

Benefits of inventories in property insurance

All property owners in London and the UK in general today seek inventory services before renting their property or even acquiring home insurance. This device is actually a document that will help in determination of the amount of coverage necessary to cover all the items in a home. A list of all appliances, furniture, fixtures and other items is thus very crucial in protecting items in case of natural disasters or any other uncertainty. In this regard, inventory lists are used to serve as a basis for home insurance among other purposes.

Home inventory has helped a great deal in avoiding disputes between property owners and tenants at the close of the lease term by indicating all the items available and their current condition. It is now a necessity for every insurance client to present an inventory document so as to determine the original value of items and property and the compensation when disasters damage the property. A monetary value is determined by the insurance companies and the amount paid to the owner of the property.

In preparing such inventory lists, our professional inventory clerks try as much as possible to be precise but straight to the point such that the details indicated in the inventory will help in the determination of the value of property lost in the casualty. The evidence of the condition the items are indicated by various photographs taken at the start of the lease.

For quick solving of any dispute related to property lease or ownership, preparing inventories is very important.

Independent inventory clerks

Most of the insurance companies and the judiciary in general demands that the inventory gets prepared by an independent and professional inventory clerk for compensation and dispute resolution purposes. In case the inventory is prepared by a clerk providing other services to one party for instance the landlord, chances are high that he/she will be biased in decision making to favor one side.

At My Property Inventory however, you are assured of the best quality inventory services that will guarantee comprehensive but precise inventory reports that will help you win a case in court emanating from closing a lease with one of your clients. We take pride in the services that we offer to our esteemed customers. Repeat clients are assured of discounts and slightly lowered costs of preparing the inventories, the reason why we have always stayed ahead of our competitors in the industry


Shops and Office Inventories




Shops and Office Inventories

June 23, 2011 Bloggies by danny

Here at my property inventories we offer a fixed price for our commercial inventory services. This makes us very competitive in the market as well as transparent with our prices. Our hourly rate is only £120 inclusive and a restaurant with up to 70 seats, 3 rooms can be completed in less than 2 hours. Our commercial inventories offer very highly detailed photographic reports, regulated and audited by the A.I.I.C. We can also work quickly through offices and warehouses, keeping us very competitive. Call us today for a commercial inventory report. Many businesses, landlords and tenants use us through London, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Why do you need shops and office inventories?

London and the surrounds are often characterized by rapid business operations which mean that more shops and office space are required on a daily basis. There are more clients signing agreements on leasing their property to tenants who will be operating within the premises for a stipulated amount of time. Before going into an agreement or signing that contract, you need inventory reports to set your operations straight. There is nobody who is ready to bear the risk of losing their investment just because of ignorance. So why exactly are property inventories important?

  • Conflict resolution

This is actually the main purpose of seeking inventory services from experienced and renowned agencies. As a landlord, you would wish to safeguard your property from damage by the tenant and the tenant has the right to safeguard their deposit at all cost. While talking shops and office inventories, all the items in the shops and offices are listed down without omitting any and their current condition described. This description is then kept safely until the lease period is over and the two parties need to terminate the lease. A check out inventory report is also carried out and submitted to determine the condition of the property and all the items that were available at the start of the lease. In case there is any discrepancy, a solution is determined by calculating the value of compensation for the damaged property and then deducted from the deposit. In case the items are in the best possible condition bearing in mind fair wear and tear, the tenant gets refunded his/her full deposit.

  • Moving and relocation

This is a pretty tedious exercise for any office or business owner. When you plan to move to a new location, it is obvious you would like to hire reliable movers in town. When you approach the service providers, the first question they usually ask is the current location and where you are moving to then followed by the items in your possession. These two questions will be used to determine the cost of moving your property to the new destination. An inventory always indicates all the items and valuables in your property. Presenting a list of all the items to the moving agents will help them determine the best relocation method i.e. determining the packaging method and the size of mover to use during relocation day.

  • Seeking compensation claims

There are many times when property owners apply for compensation from insurance companies when some disaster befalls their properties. This is obvious for most of the shop and office owners in town especially when fire breaks out. The respective insurance companies where they have insured their properties sometimes become reluctant to pay for all the damages demanding evidence from the clients on ownership of property they are seeking compensation. The only evidence document acceptable in such circumstances is an inventory report prepared by an independent and professional inventory clerk.

We, My Property Inventories have helped a great number of shops and office owners in preparing inventories for them indicating what they possess at a particular time. This has in turn helped most of those clients to solve their disputes with their partners in an amicable manner. We have been forced to mediate between some of the clients by determining the value of property damaged by the tenant while using the property and effectively helped to solve the disputes by acting independently and unbiased towards any side.

We have always prepared inventories that are detailed and focused describing every item in the building and their current condition. These inventories thus help to avoid any doubt about the condition of the property before and after termination of the lease agreement. Photos of the items and video recordings on the other hand help to improve the quality of the services we provide here at My Property Inventories.

Across London and its surrounds, we stand out as the best inventory service provider offering high quality services to all our clients. With the help of the inventory reports prepared by our experienced team of professional clerks, many of our clients have won their disputes in court and rewarded appropriately by getting compensated of any damages caused to their property.

Cheap and affordable shop and office Inventory

Do you own a shop or office and wish to prepare an inventory of all your belongings for safety purposes; we are always available around the clock to help all clients at a very low cost. Our main objective is to ensure all our clients are fully satisfied with the services offered that ensure maximum protection of people’s investments. Seeking our inventory services can surely pay off in the long run as we all never know when disaster will hit and we lose all our valuables. It is always to stay on the safer side by ensuring we get compensated of all the items lost by the insurance companies. An inventory report is thus inevitable for such purposes and many more others.

You may have searched over the internet for the right inventory company to no avail but now you can proudly make a halt to your online search for the best inventory company for the best inventory services. Those who have passed through our hands have indicated total satisfaction from our services as we operate independently and in an unbiased manner.



Office Inventories




Office Inventories

June 22, 2011 Bloggies by danny

Having just completed a commercial inventory at one of London’s newest office blocks in the heart of the city, we can safely say it was a great job, well done. The tenant and landlord now have a complete, binding, picture within the report of how the block has been taken at the start of their lease. This commercial inventory report will stop any disputes, on inspection within the tenancy or at the end of the lease period.  Commercial Inventories are something we enjoy and we're very good at. You may also at one point in time demand for commercial inventory when purchasing, leasing or renting a commercial office. If you wish to stay away from the hassles and conflicts with your agreement partner, then this is an option you need to consider for the best inventory services.

For office inventories, there are several office items that are usually available such as tables, chairs, fax machines, desks, telephones and copiers that need to be maintained in the best possible condition. So at the start of the leasing period, an inventory of all these items needs to be carried out to determine their current condition and thus determine whether they are still useful or need to be thrown away.

Here at My Property Inventories, we have experts in property inventories who are considered as leasing gurus to guide you on the specific properties needed to be included in the inventory report during leasing and what should be returned at the end of the lease period. Considering the fact that most of the commercial buildings have a wide range of offices and several working employees, careful and keen commercial inventory listing is needed. There are usually several office items available that demand careful counting and listing.

We have helped a variety of clients in making clear and recognizable descriptions of all the items available in any office while preparing inventory reports. We thus provide the best complete commercial inventory with detailed information about the property in question. Cataloging of photographs is also a crucial exercise carried out to present office inventories thus protecting both parties involved in the lease. Such photos have actually served as good evidence in solving disputes by indicating the exact condition of the property at the time of leasing. A comparison is done to ascertain the previous markings and scratches on the property. This is very crucial in solving any dispute that may arise at the end of the lease period by deducting part or whole of the tenant’s deposit in case property got damaged or replaced after the tenant moved in.

In order to get rid of misunderstandings that may result into disputes at the end of the lease period, all items need to be documented procedurally to make reacquisition of the property by the landlord efficient and clear. This could also be relevant in a court of law if the disputes lead there where by the judges will determine the case from what is presented to them in a written document. Any tenancy period should not be concluded going into scandals when all things can be settled peacefully following what is indicated in the inventories.

Getting inventory services from our experienced inventory clerks will be very crucial for you to develop your side of the bargain by preparing detailed inventory reports describing all the items available in the property and their current conditions. In order to protect both the landlord and tenant, an inventory record is crucial to show the agreement terms and conditions such that no one party goes out of the agreement in a manner not pleasing to the other party.

Buying or leasing an office space

When buying or leasing an office space, office inventories are a necessity to complete the agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Our clerks are usually hired by a number of landlords in evaluating the value and condition of their property prior to tenant entry so that all items available within the premises are maintained in the best possible condition. In order to protect your investment either as a landlord or as a tenant, you need to request for an office inventory from a recognized inventory firm. Once the contract comes to an end, the tenant may request for their deposit if all the items are left intact as they were during the time of leasing. A check out report will indicate the comparison between the two circumstances and by so doing help the two parties settle down any dispute amicably.

Preparation of office inventories should be done on time before the tenant moves in such that no future disputes are likely to occur. In that regard, rules of tenancy are set so that if any of the parties involved goes contrary to the set rules, stands liable to compensate the other. The document should therefore outline absolutely everything so as to minimize chances of disputes over the course of the lease.

Remember that your property isn’t safe until you prepare an inventory report with the best inventory service providers in town. It is quite important to ensure that the inventory clerks are independent and that they do not offer any other services to the concerned parties such as cleaning services. This is important in prevention of biased decision making or judgment when demanded.

Save money with our inventory services

Many times, we fail to recognize the value of money saved by preparing a comprehensive inventory for your property. Some forgo this option on grounds that the process costs them something. Ok, this may hold as true until you lose your property and fail to get a full compensation from your property insurance company.

We, at My Property Inventory offer various inventory services at different prizes depending with the size of the building and number of items to be recorded. You may contact us now and take us around to get the exact estimate of your office and properties. We are a reputable agency that you can rely on and trust with your inventory service needs to record all the items available within your home to help you in dispute resolution when need arises.

It is costly to handle your case in court rather than solving it amicably considering the agreement signed during the start of the lease period. Just think of the legal fees incurred in solving landlord-tenant disputes more especially when the proceedings take long before the case is concluded; it is quite expensive, time consuming and inconveniencing to both parties. An office inventory will thus greatly help in solving the problem fast and conveniently.


Commercial Inventories




Commercial Inventories

June 15, 2011 Bloggies by danny

Our Commercial Property Inventories are highly concise and detailed Inventory Reports used by many large companies within London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.  Our commercial Property Landlords and Tenants have been using our reports over and over and are always really happy with our Inventories. We have been particularly busy with our commercial interim inspections this year.

That’s why we are committed to excellence, professionalism and work hard to ensure that all landlords, tenants and letting agents appreciate the value, understand the importance of professionally and timely finished properties.

 This is due to the knowledge of:

  • The government rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • Specialists and professional inventors.
  • Make every party aware of their responsibilities so no disputes.

Importance of inventory clerks:

The inventory clerks come in handy in ensuring that responsibilities on their dockets run smoothly, part of their responsibilities includes:

  • Provide an expert inventory service to meet your property needs.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing supplies.
  • Accurate written and photographic Stock taking.

Value of inventory report:

Our inventory report is detailed and includes all fittings and fixtures within an office, restaurant, shop, warehouse and any other commercial property that is being renovated, let or sold.

 Our inventory report includes a detailed description of the structure and the contents inside.

This report also enlightens each party involved on what is included in the lease and what should be returned at the end of the lease.

 When we talk of detailed this includes:

  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Socket
  • Furnishings
  • Telephones
  • Copiers
  • Desk

Also to make our report accurate a third party who is an independent inventory also takes detailed report for comparison on event of any error, also to avoid biasness thus making efficient evidence in a court of law or on event of any possible tenancy dispute.

Inventory reports serve as a vital instrument of protection in today’s market for both tenants and landlords thus there is a medium on event of a dispute between the two parties.

 A professional and accurate stock taking saves you from losing your property no matter how small or insignificant it is. Our property inventories take/ carry out both written and photographic inventory report stating how the condition was, what and how many furnishings were there before handing over the key.

 A detailed report can make it easier for businesses to file business personal property declaration schedules and to allow for online filing. It also assists tenant signing a tenancy to prove how the premises were prior to moving in or prior to rebuilding works and or improvements being carried out.

 Buildings with multiple office suites will require an extensive and detailed inventory list if there are numerous pieces of office equipment still remaining inside at the time of the lease.

Leasing is an affordable option to purchasing, but those leasing have the right to protect themselves too. Commercial inventories protect those who are leasing and the lessee.

 Check in and out report:

Check in:

A check in report is prepared at the beginning of tenancy; this report is carried out with urgency before the new occupants move in.

For an accurate report, the original check in inventory report must be prepared in advance, each item on the original inventory will be checked, it's presence/absence and  current condition noted.

 Its during this time when the Keys and meters are also checked and the readings are recorded to avoid a future conflict.

 The photographic reports is also provided to the tenant before signing and confirming the accuracy of the report since photographic report shows the existing damage of the property before new occupancy.

 On the day of check in we ensure that the property is in a suitable condition to be let and all maintenance and cleaning already carried out.

 Check Out:

At the end of tenancy a check out report is carried out, this is done immediately the tenant has moved out and prior to any cleaners, builders or any other person entering the property.

 The check out report is carried out immediately to avoid any sabotage or making the report unreliable due to the presence of a third party whether with or without good intentions.

 This report comprise of the condition and contents of the property against the original inventory and check in reports though it allows fair wear and tear where if it’s the normal tear and wear the tenants deposit is given.

As previously Meter readings will also be read and the correct number of keys recorded.

For accuracy purposes in reporting the current state is also photographed.

 If there is enormous damage due to tenant neglect or carelessness the tenants deposit is withheld to cover for the same and this is done as part of renovating and maintenance of the property.

This report helps to minimize disputes at the end of the lease since everything is documented.

This also allows all involved parties to know what items belong to whom. It also deters people from frivolous lawsuits that can be handled between two parties.

Interim report:

Just as the long journey has a resting point, also in part way through the tenancy an interim inspection is made and looks at the condition of the property, its contents and any arising issues.

 This is also used to identify if any of the property requires repair, restoration or maintenance or is in need of decoration. For the purposes of visual report, Photographs will accompany this inspection.


The cost of these inventory report vary based on the Country, size of the building, location, number of the items included.

When you let us do this for you, we make our reports as detailed as possible and this is carried out by very skilled inventory clerk with hawk’s eye that doesn’t miss even the smallest item in the property in question. It’s due to our accuracy many landlords, tenants and care takers prefer our services for it is reliable.