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Best Schools driving property prices up




Best Schools driving property prices up

November 25, 2013 Bloggies by danny

A study was conducted that has found the top independent primary schools in the UK bring a property premium as high as 170%.

This shows how much good schooling means to parents and it comes as no surprise. To get into a good schools catchment area has been becoming more and more important.

Justin Marking, from Savills, said that competition is "huge" to get into the best primary schools.

"Parents are keen to make a pre-emptive strike and move close to put themselves in the right place before their children reach school age," he mentioned.

Although good state primaries are also rising their local property prices, its only by a 40% increase.

This study was carried out by Savilles and The Good Schools Guide and included 50 of each fee paying and state schools, in the top 50.

Janette Wallis said "For the first child, the primary school seems to be the be-all and end-all," she works with The Good Schools Guide.

"It’s natural for all parents with their first child to want the best school for them. It can feel crucial and it is very important."

"Parents might use private prep schools in areas where there are grammar schools in the hope that an early spend will lead to a grammar place."

This is all although independent schools do not have catchment areas like state schools do. A lot of it comes down to parents wanting easier daily journeys on the school runs.

Inventory Reports and Inventory Companies



Inventory Reports and Inventory Companies

November 19, 2013 Bloggies by danny

Have you ever moved in a tenant to a property which has ended in a dispute with the condition, furnishings or equipment that was provided?  Have you been a tenant told by your landlord that the property was spotless when you moved in yet you know it was filthy?

These situations are a common occurrence in the lettings market today yet 100’s of landlords and tenants still start their tenancy agreements without signing an official Inventory Report. The Inventory Report must be carried out by a un-bias Inventory Clerk without any interest in the tenancy. Preferably choose one who is regulated by the Association of Inventory Clerks.

Do not end up in a tenancy dispute just to save on the money that can be well spent on a precise Inventory report. What you need is to seek the services of a reliable inventory provider so that you can keep track of all your inventories at the initial stages of occupying a property and the end of the tenancy when you are intending to leave the premises. This allows you to have a smooth process of acquiring a property for the period when you are vacating.

You also need to bear in mind that preparation of inventory reports is not a trivial task. It is rather tedious and time consuming as it needs detailed attention when recording all the items and their condition.  But because of obvious reasons for disagreement at the end of tenancy, as a tenant or a landlord, you need to keep a proper record of all the items in the property and their condition. On the same note, if you decide to prepare the inventory report by yourself, you are likely to make many errors which you would otherwise avoid if you considered seeking the services of a professional inventory clerk from a renowned company that specializes in the job.

·      Check out the qualifications of the company

Years of knowledge and qualifications are crucial to consider before selecting an inventory company. There are several inventory companies these days out there posing as the best service providers but in real sense know little about preparing high quality inventory reports. A good company should therefore be able to provide detailed information regarding the condition of all the items in the property before you occupy it. Hiring experienced professionals to handle the service is extremely important to avoid errors later when you want to dissolve the agreement with the landlord. Licensed and certified inventory companies are thus more preferable in this case together with a proven history of satisfied clients. Look out for membership of the A.I.I.C..

·      Check out client reviews

This is also important to consider when looking out for the right inventory company to seek inventory services from. Previous clients usually give unbiased reviews about the services of a company. This will thus give you a genuine perspective about a specific company before considering it for hire in preparing inventory reports for you. You can also seek referrals from family and friends who have hired specific companies in the past. Ask as much as you can about the company so that you get to know more about the company before hiring it. Negative feedbacks from past clients are possible but always try to find a company with less of these. A company that has more of positive feedbacks is usually considered the best one to use.

·      Consider a company that provides accuracy at each level

You need accurate and consistent inventory services at every level of your business. When you own many items in your home or business, each item should be thoroughly checked for any defects and corrected. The process is tedious and daunting depending on the size of your property or business and the amount of items available. In such a case you need professionals who will take attention to detail to ensure everything is put on record. If you are in need of honest inventory reports, you need professionally experienced and knowledgeable service providers who understand all things in and out concerning preparation of inventory reports.

Inventory companies are crucial in ensuring all your property is properly recorded.  Such companies have experienced inventory clerks who provide expert inventory services that meet your property needs, manage all items brought in and those discarded property and provide accurately written and photographed inventories for stocks and items in your property.

Value of an Inventory Report

If you are a tenant who has been involved in a tenancy dispute with your landlord before, you understand the value of an inventory report. Getting inventory reports from us ensures that all your items such as fittings, office fixtures, and shop, warehouse and home properties are recorded in details with descriptions of their current conditions to avoid such disputes at the end of tenancy.

We are  an independent third party inventory company that offer independent inventory services that are not biased towards one party. Both tenants and landlords need these services so as to secure their property and avoid disputes at the end of their tenancy agreement.  In case of any dispute, this document will serve as reliable evidence of the condition of the property before and after leaving the premises.

Here at My Property Inventories, we offer all these services at a good price. The cost however varies with the size of your property and items in it. Our reports are very detailed, they will serve as the best evidence  in case of any dispute with between yourselves. We are not biased as we offer independent services that are of the highest quality in the profession. It is because of this that many landlords, tenants and Letting agents use our services. The next time you think of seeking inventory services, simply come to us and we will proudly offer you high quality professional reports that will ensure a smooth transition right from acquiring the property to the end of the tenancy. In cases where your insurance company has refused to pay you when your property succumbed to certain uncertainties, it is possably because your inventory report was not prepared well enough we are here to help you win your compensation claim from your insurer. To ensure maximum safety for all your property, our inventory services call us today.

The Importance of Landlord Inventories




The Importance of Landlord Inventories

August 11, 2013 Bloggies by danny

Disputes are quite common at the end of a tenancy agreement over the issue of the refund of the deposit, considering the factors such as the condition of items and contents in the property. Insuring your property against damage by natural calamities among other disasters may be very helpful in compensating your property but you need to understand that the insurance providers may not cover all kinds of damage to your property. This may leave you to foot the bill from your own pocket. In order to ensure maximum safety of your property, we will help you with the best inventory services which will assist you in solving disputes whenever they arise or even possibly prevent the disputes from ever occurring. With the help of our inventory clerks, the contents in your property and their condition are recorded to help reference in the future thus solving disputes whenever they occur quickly and effectively. Our Inventory Services are available throughout London, Hertfordshire, Essex and Surry.

For the purpose of effectiveness, you need to prepare  the property inventory in time before the tenant occupies the property. Photographs of various items in the property also need to be taken such that the initial condition of the items is taken and kept for future reference. A third party is the only way forward when handling tenancy matters and that is one of the many reasons why we come in as the best option for inventory services. We also help landlords in conducting regular inventories during tenancy to ensure that the items in your property are kept and maintained in the best condition possible, with our interim property inspections. However this must be done after having the consent of the tenant. In order to ensure maximum security from your insurance service provider, all copies of inventories should be sent to the company to determine whether you have the correct level of cover for all of your items.

A check out inventory is also very crucial at the end of tenancy. This inventory check is carried out to determine the current state of the property before the tenant receives their deposit back. This is helpful in making comparisons between the current state of items and the initial state when the check-in inventory was carried out. The check out inventory is carried out before the tenant leaves the property so as to determine any kind of damage to the property while the tenant was holding the premises. When no issue is brought up by the landlord, the deposit is returned to the tenant within 14 days.

In case your property is damaged and is indicated by the discrepancy between the check-in inventory and checkout inventory, we will help you in making the estimates for any repairs or replacements that may be needed. The costs are then deducted from the tenants’ deposit then forwarding a written statement to the tenant and landlord’s insurance. If things get worse and it is proved that the damages cost more than the tenant’s deposit, then an itemized invoice with all costs is sent to the tenant. This will also need to be sent to the tenant’s insurance company if at all they are insured.

Dispute Resolution

There comes an eventuality whereby you are needed to prove your case in court that is when you feel to reach consensus with your tenant. In this case you need a careful photographic inventory recording of all your items and their condition then present it before the judges together with the initial check in inventory accompanied with photographs and sometimes videos. We will  have helped you in preparing all the documents in readiness for the case. We will also have helped you in obtaining estimates for compensation purposes. We have helped a number of clients win their cases in court by providing a comprehensive and detailed inventory record indicating the state of the items before and after termination of the tenancy period.

Importance of Commercial Property Inventories

Just like home property inventories, commercial property inventories are very crucial for the owners in a number of ways to ensure proper management of your property. Remember that you have invested a lot in the commercial property and wish to further the value of the investment through proper management of the property. All stocks in your property need to be properly managed, a reason why we are very essential in keeping track of all the stock. We are the best commercial inventory clerks in the region offering the best quality services to every client.

Here are the reasons why you need us to prepare property inventories for you:

  • We enhance the safety of your investment- you do not need to worry about arising disputes between you and your tenants in any way because all our services make it easy to solve disputes whenever they occur and more importantly help to prevent such disputes by having everything clear and understandable to both parties.
  • Proper inspection- we help in managing your assets in the best way possible by paying regular visits to inspect the property to ascertain that they are in good condition all the time
  • We provide detailed reports for any damages and give unbiased compensation estimates for such damages
  • We also offer a detailed inventory report to be used as evidence when seeking compensation claims on properties damaged. We thus help you in ensuring your property remains in the very best condition from time to time. We thus provide a check in report, check out inventory and at times regular inspection checkups to ensure the property is in a good condition all the time.
  • Inventory reports prepared by our team of professional clerks are unbiased and for that reason also offers the tenants some sort of benefits such as preventing the landlords from making false claims thus safeguarding the tenant’s deposit.

Investments may be a good plan, insuring the investment sounds better but being able to prove your case for compensation once the property gets damaged is the ultimate focus to enable you to protect your investment. You need to pair with the right inventory agency to be assured of the best results. That is why we, My Properties, are here to help you with every step in managing your inventory in the best way possible.

Relieve yourself of stress associated with property management by signing an agreement with our inventory clerks and get a guarantee that your property is left in safe professional hands via are accurate third party inventory clerks.

Landlords, Tenants and Inventories- Enjoying a Hassle Free Let




Landlords, Tenants and Inventories- Enjoying a Hassle Free Let

August 07, 2013 Bloggies by danny

In order to keep landlord/tenant relationships enjoyable and hassle free, various measures have to be put into consideration before letting a house. We offer inventory services that help the relationship between the two concerned parties in handling their lease from the start to the end of the renting period. We also foresee the various measures that are taken by both the landlord and tenant focused on ensuring good landlord-tenant relations. The measures are simply fair management practices that are unbiased to either party. Some of such measures are:

Tenancy Deposits

This is the amount paid to the landlord by the tenant to cater for any damage that may occur to the property in the event staying in the property. This is usually paid at the start of the lease period whereby a receipt indicating the amount and the purpose of the money is given out to the tenant. A statement  indicating the purpose of the deposit should include the circumstances under which the deposit is confiscated such as unpaid rent, damage to property or both. Usually there is no specific limit set for rent deposits but many landlords charge a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent.

In order to improve the landlord - tenant relationship in this regard, landlords need to be understanding about with their demands by telling the client in advance about this deposit concern such that they are aware of the circumstances under which they are operating and the exact amount of money that they require. Another measure that landlords need to take into account is returning the deposit to the tenant at the end of the lease period without any complications. This should actually be done on time like fourteen days after the client vacates the house. This should however be done once the landlord checks out the condition of the house and ensures that the tenant had cleared all the rent while staying on the property. The property should be in a good condition as when it was given out to the tenant but allowing for fair normal wear and tear of the property. By contacting intermediaries who will oversee your agreement, you can be assured of a sweet landlord-tenant relationship to the end of the lease period.

We at, My Property Inventory have got a number of professional experts who will guide you through the letting process by preparing the right documents used to seal the agreement between the two of you. By witnessing the circumstances under which the property is given to the tenant, we also come in to solve any rising dispute at the end of tenancy concerning the amount of deposit to be refunded to the tenant after checking out the condition of the house and ensuring that the rent was paid promptly during the period of stay in the property. Any deductions that may deem necessary will be approved by our professional clerks who evaluate the value of the damaged property to determine the amount required to be deducted from the deposit as compensation.

We also act as the third party holding the deposit for you to ensure that the landlord-tenant relationship is purely professional to the end. We do not allow the landlord to hold the deposit as this is usually the point of contention between many landlords and tenants once the tenant decides to vacate the premises. Remember the tenant may want to rent from the same landlord again in future; we therefore ensure that the relationship between the two remains professional to the end without any hitches in between. As much as we help to ensure proper care and maintenance of property by the tenant, we also care for their deposit and ensure timely paying back once the tenancy period comes to an end.


An inventory is a crucial document that any landlord needs to prepare in time before the tenant occupies their property. The inventory should list all the items and contents in the property. This document is quite helpful in settling landlord-tenant disputes at the end of the lease period. The inventory having detailed information about the property will be used as reference to the property when it was let out to the tenant and comparing it with the same when the tenant is vacating the property. The tenant should be shown in the inventory at the point of occupying the property to confirm that everything listed and described in the inventory is true and confirmed, otherwise the inventory will be said to be invalid.

Rental charged

We foresee the signing of an agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Since there is no restriction on the amount each landlord needs to charge, negotiation between the landlord and tenant holds the answer to what the tenant will be paying while staying on the property. This is done at the start of the tenancy and the results of the negotiations held until the fixed lease period is over. However, if the landlord wishes to increase the rent, they need to do so following the procedures laid down in the Housing Act. After the landlord and tenant agree on the amount of rent to be paid on a regular basis, we then come in to ensure that the agreement is held to the end without any complication in either side.

We also help landlords to prepare necessary documents of various discussions between the landlord and the tenant in regard to rent payments and in cases of rent arrears. This is very necessary as copies of correspondence may be required at a future date such as when the landlord plans to have a court action against the tenant. Besides all the necessary arrangements that ensure safety of both sides, flexibility and understanding are needed to be able to operate smoothly with each other.

It is true that records ensure relief; the landlord and tenant should be ready to put everything in writing and witnessed by a third party. We, My Property Inventory have served many clients successfully by preparing all paperwork materials and documents that ensure protection of either side in their operation as tenant and landlord. Usually landlords and tenants wish to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the future regarding their relationship during the lease period. In ensuring this, my property offers the best quality unbiased inventory services among other services in ensuring the best landlord-tenant relationship.

Understanding the importance of an Inventory Service




Understanding the importance of an Inventory Service

August 06, 2013 Bloggies by danny

Since no one knows what the future holds for them, it is important that you always remain prepared for any uncertainty. Many people are now going to various investment options in order to secure their future from any kind of unwanted twists but the question is; is investing wise enough to secure your future from any kind of uncertainty? If you ask us at My Property Inventories, we would tell you the answer is no. I hope by the time you finish reading this article you will understand.

Growing Your Investment by Securing Your Property Using Inventory Service

It may be your own property that you live in or simply one you have let out for the rental income. Looking back and counting the amount spent in investing in such a property you would wish to have the best out of it by growing the investment as much as you can. Managing it properly is the only way you can assure yourself of the best returns at the end of it all.

There are usually several kinds of hazards and disasters that can be facing your property such as robbery, damage by fire and floods amongst  natural disasters. Your property is also in another person’s hands, which you are not sure whether proper care and maintenance is going to be taken on it. This may result in severe damages to the property by the time the tenant decides to vacate the premises. In case of such eventualities, you need to always stay prepared in one way or another so as to be able to overcome the setbacks. Did you know that you could safeguard yourself from such dangers by getting your property inventory prepared by professional, experienced and excellent inventory service providers? Well if you didn’t, I hope you have started getting excited about this option. Here at My Property Inventories, we offer unbiased services to cater for the interests of both parties concerned i.e. you as the landlord and your tenant.

Items Covered In a Home Inventory Service

Our inventory service comprehensively covers all the items in your property by listing all your property. After investing, safeguarding your property should become of paramount importance to you. All of your property including furniture, antique, clothing, electronics and art collections among several others are listed in your home inventory. Photographs of all the listed items are then taken to ensure that everything listed remains in view. The photographs should cover roughly every part of your house such that everything in the house including dark corners and under your bed, inside the drawers or any other unique place within your property. You can rest assured that our inventory services will list absolutely everything in your possession thus safeguarding them.

Here are some of the advantages of an inventory service and what you expect from us at My Property inventories.

  • Making insurance claims after disasters- a proper record of all your property is necessary in the event that a disaster happens. You are able to recover most of the items you loose only if you have a well prepared inventory to indicate what you owned. Insurance companies usually ask for an evidentiary document before compensating you on the lost property. A property inventory prepared by an independent service providers like us is therefore very helpful in winning the compensation claim from insurance by insurance companies.
  • Shifting a house- from time to time, people decide to move to new locations and premises. The process is tedious more especially when dealing with delicate valuable items. Many people prefer hiring property movers to help in the process. In order to ensure safety of your property and have a guaranteed safe delivery to the intended destination, you need to prepare a property inventory. This will be useful in case you wish to make claims with your moving company in case some of your items get damaged along the way. In determining the cost of relocation by a moving company, the quantity and nature of items to be moved are of a major concern. In case of delicate and fragile items, the moving company will understand in advance the kind of packaging materials to use to effectively transport the items. Property packaging and moving companies would therefore love to get a comprehensive report of the items intended to be moved which can only be indicated by property inventories.
  • Keeping a proper record of all your items- it is possible that you have stayed in your current home for too long to remember all the items under your possession. But updating your inventory from time to time, you will always keep track of all the items in your property in their current conditions. For the best quality inventory management services, you can trust My Property inventory which comprises of highly experienced professional inventory clerks

Always remember that listing of inventories is only guaranteed by an experienced agency that has earned a reputation in the industry. Having an independent inventory agency help you with the listing will greatly improve the genuineness of the listing even in court in case a dispute arises.

If you are a landlord and looking forward to a perfect inventory for your property, always check out for the most experienced agency in the work for you. Besides that you need to consider other factors that prove provision of quality services. Some of the considerations to always bear in mind include:

  • Membership of a professional association- My property inventory is an experienced agency in the industry with membership in the AIIC, an association that lays out quality standards to be met for effective inventory service provision.
  • Sample reports- looking at our previous reports, you will be sure we offer the best services to all our esteemed clients.
  • Reviews and Testimonials- our client base has rated us as the best professional inventory service providers in the region and we still try as much as we can, to better our services on a daily basis.
  • Transparent pricing- we, My Property Inventory offer our services at the cheapest cost. All the prices are transparent without any hidden charges.
There are quite a number of reasons why you need inventory services as indicated from the points above but getting the services from the right agency is even a better option for you. We, My Property Inventory offer all our clients with what is deemed as the best in the market. With our independent, highly qualified professional clerks, all your inventory worries are taken care of.